Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Madness

So it's October again, which, historically speaking, is a very busy time for us around here. It's also my favorite time of year, it just sorta feels like there is never enough time for little things like breathing.

This past weekend was full of October Madness.  Nana came in from Florida and we got to celebrate her birthday, Nieem's birthday (11!) and have Nicole her baby shower.  On top of that, we decided to go to the local fall festival, because we are insane.  While at the fall festival I pulled the most mom move ever and started cheering for Henry when I THOUGHT he won a carnival game. The game was one where he had to put a quarter down on a color then throw a ball and see if it landed on the color he picked.  There were maybe 25 colors and Henry staked him claim on yellow.  From where I STOOD, the square it landed on sure looked yellow.   I was like "YOU WON!! YOU WON!!  HOW GREAT!!" and Henry was like "I WON!!!"  The worker looked at me, looked at my six year old with the giant grin, shrugged, then gave him the prize (a n awesome light up peace sign necklace).  As we walked away Nick was like "You know he didn't win, right?"  and I was like "Whaaa...."

Turns out the ball landed on "Canary". Which, apparently is totally different that classic "Yellow".  It's  a flaw in the game if you ask me.


I didn't do my normal amount of picture taking this weekend but I do have some great ones from the shower, but those will have to wait until later in the week.  Turns out in addition to us having a million family and friend activities scheduled for October I also have a million work deadlines.  FUN TIMES.  For now, here is a picture of Nieem at his family birthday party.

Man, this kiddo is so awesome. I can't believe he is already 11.

Happy Birthday, Nieem! 

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