Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Painting: The Pigeon Edition

So Henry's school has a pumpkin painting contest where you turn your pumpkin into your favorite book character. 
 After thinking long and hard about his books, Henry went with the pigeon....
because the pigeon is hilarious

Ever since he started the project I will randomly hear Henry say "I'M A PUPPY LOVING PIGEON!" and every time I laugh. Because the pigeon never gets old.
Here is his final product.  We are super proud of his pigeon! I hear there is some stiff competition in the kindergarten/1st grade category, but in my opinion you can't beat this puppy lovin' pigeon.

Happy Halloween Eve! What?? It's a thing!  We are baking cookies and having pizza while watching Halloween movies at Boo's and it will be the best Halloween Eve Ever!


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