Monday, December 7, 2015

So I went to Seattle...

Well, I went to Seattle last week. You know, that city on the complete other side of the country. You would think me traveling cross-country would have resulted in at least ONE blog post mentioning the trip in the weeks leading up to my departure, but no. I decide to stay mysterious like that.

(also, so so busy)

Anyway, SEATTLE.

It was amazing. I feel so lucky to get to travel for work to such amazing places all around the country.  (This is Corrine and I on top of the Space Needle... a required tourist stop)
Seattle at night, from the ferry.

Space Needle from below
Heading out on the Monorail

And I know it sometimes when I go on these work trips I forget to talk much about the WORK part here on the old blog, but rest assured the work part was awesome.  Truly.  I love having the opportunity to meet like minded people who are passionate about early childhood development in the way we are.  We learned so much, and sparked new ideas for our future projects while also getting to share the important work we have been doing. It was great.

Also, we went to the very first Starbucks! Work life balance is important.  I feel like the general theme of our trips is always FOOD, but man, the food (and coffee!) of Seattle are just incredible. Anyone going there, I HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS.

Seattle is an interesting city, with lots of random things just hanging around. This worked great for me as I like to send Henry random pictures from my work trips.  This was his favorite.
Or maybe this was... I am not sure. But I think I am going to wait and do an entire post on the Star Wars gingerbread display in our hotel because... well, it was a STAR WARS GINGERBREAD DISPLAY IN OUR HOTEL.

He maybe also liked this mouse...

and this robot

Seattle... keep keeping it weird. I really like your style.


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