Friday, December 18, 2015

This and That

I give you a post of random updates that individually don't seem to be enough to be their own blog post but strung together... now we are talking!

So the semester officially wrapped up today and I just submitted final grades for my class. I AM DONE.  I mean, I still have other work things to do and what not, but as for class, it is over until JANUARY.  All in all the semester went great. I enjoyed my group of kids and everything just seemed easier this time around.  Still, I am happy to take a break from teaching for the next month!

Yesterday Henry had his class Christmas party and it was adorable.

I had to give my final exam to my students so I only got to stay for a bit but thank goodness Nanny was available to be there for the entire party!

What else... well, when I was at Henry's school I found his letter to Santa. We had heard all about the Lego Dimensions and the Blade Builder, but the CAT was news to us.  We had to break the news to him that Santa doesn't have room for living animals on his sleigh, so he thought for a minute and said "Well... maybe I just want a pretend animal like Super Kitty"
Super Kitty IS pretty awesome... and he requires no litter box. Good thinking, kid.

In other random updates, we are going to be seeing Star Wars in T minus 3.5 hours. The wait is killing me...


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