Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have it bad. I am so ridiculously hooked on Lost. It's like the love had gone dormant during the long months away, and then over the last couple of weeks it has re-awoken. Taking over what can only be described as an embarrassingly large part of my brain. All the questions! What will happen? How can they end it? Will Claire come back? What is up with Locke? Who is the man in black? Will this end happy? Will this end sad? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END???

I thought once the season started I would be able to calm down. Watch and enjoy each week, but surely not spend time obsessing. But oh, I was wrong. They had to go and make the two hour season premiere AWESOME. And...and...they answered questions, but there are still MORE questions. And the two time lines, and things are different, and yet the same. I just...I love it. I LOVE IT. I am just sad I have to wait an entire week to get my next fix. Oh, and that it is only going to be an hour. Not nearly long enough.

PS. I am sure Nick is thrilled it will only be an hour rather than the three hour extravaganza of last week seeing as how he doesn't watch the show and spent the entire time alone in the other room.

PPS. If it was me, I would have watched the show I am not a big fan of, just to be TOGETHER, but whatever. He chose solitude. I had my friends on the island with me, so I was not lonely.

PPPS. Look, a picture of my sweet boys for all you non-Lost addicts!

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  1. Perhaps you should join Lostaholics Anonymous. I'm the president. Ha ha!