Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning

Yesterday morning Henry was still sound asleep when it was time for him to nurse before I left for work. I went into his room and whispered good morning to my sweet boy. I rubbed his belly and kissed his head and finally he was pulled out of his sleepy world. He dozed a little on the changing table and was still pretty groggy as we walked into the living room. It was there that we ran into Nick. He too was just out of bed and a little groggy. He said good morning to me and Henry, and Henry turned to look at his Papa. Slowly, Henry took one hand and placed it on Nick's cheek. Then, while leaving his first hand in place, he looked back at me and touched my face with his other hand. A huge smile broke out across his face as he looked from one of us to the other. Then he reached out for Nick. Just long enough for a good morning hug. Then he was reaching back for me. Head on my shoulder. Ready for nursing.

Every time I think of our sweet morning interaction it warms my heart. He may not know how to say he loves us in words. But he has found his own way of saying it which is just as clear.

**Thank you all so much for the great comments on the sleeping post! You all make me feel so much better. I did want to say that when I re-read the post I sounded like I don't nurse him every night. That is a lie. I do try to only nurse him one time in the night, but I fail at that sometimes too. Still, we have had three good nights in a row of him only waking up once for a quick nursing and then back into his bed. We are finding our way. I am excited to try several of your alls ideas to see if they help. If they don't, I will just enjoy those sweet stolen moments with my boy in the night. And then maybe let him sleep with us. Just for a little while.**


  1. Aw - could that be any sweeter!? I got all teary-eyed when I read it!

    I meant to comment on the sleeping post, but never got around to it. Kasen's been having problems lately (again? still? I can't remember - lol!), but for the last three days he has dropped his second nap and is now sleeping 12 hours with only one wake up. Just a thought!

  2. This is precious and warms my heart. Only the first of many sweet boy episodes I'm sure :)

  3. Awwww how precious. What a sweet baby he is! Its like Renesme in Twilight! Doesn't she do something like that?? :)