Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nine Months

Dear Henry,

My sweet boy, everyday you grow and develop, and even though I am here to watch it happen, it constantly blows my mind. You are so aware of your surroundings. You want the chance to touch, to taste, to understand this entire world. Your attention to detail is staggering. You see things most people would never notice. You take the time to stop and really look. Something I hope you continue to do as you grow from this sweet baby into a child, and then a man.
You are the happiest baby I have ever known. You smile and laugh all the time. You love playing games like peak-a-boo or I'm-Gonna-Get-Ya. You love Patty cake and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. You love to read books. Honestly, you just love being played with. Your laugh is infectious. It warms the hearts of everyone who loves you. We are so lucky that you share it with us so often.
You are just starting to pull yourself up onto your feet in your crib. You are so proud of yourself when you do it right. You will look up at us and just shriek with joy. You are also "talking" all the time. Your favorite thing to say is Mama, but you wave bye-bye and say "bababa" a lot as well. You whisper Papa, and we aren't sure why, but it is the sweetest thing ever. When you do these things we reply with lots of claps and encouragements; beaming with pride at how smart and amazing you are. This encouragement is the first of many times we get to see in your face how our support is so important to you. How you thrive on it. How important it is, as your Mama and Papa, to be there and tell you that we are proud. We will try our hardest to remember it as you grow. To always be there to say how proud we are of you and to not just assume you know. Because Henry, we are so proud . So in awe of the person you will become. These little steps make me realize more and more how lucky I am to be your Mama. To be the person you cheers you on. Who holds you when you fall. Who loves you like I have never loved anyone before. I will try to be the best Mama. Because you deserve the best. The best of everything. And we will do our best to give you what we can, but what we know we can give without limit is love and support. We are always here for you my sweet boy. Always cheering you on. Your number one fans.


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