Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Endo Update

Hey, you know that endometriosis I have and used to talk about all the time, and now never talk about? Let's go ahead and talk about that today.  Sound good? 

Over the last few weeks I have had several people ask how I am feeling, how I am doing, what's going on with the endo thing we used to talk about ALL THE TIME? And with the questions I realized that I really haven't talked about it in months.  MONTHS.  And that alone is an update in and of itself.  My endomteriosis hasn't had to be a topic of conversation on the blog since my second surgery back in May.  It blows my mind.

Not to say it isn't still a subject in our house. It does still bother me.  The last two days in particular have actually been pretty rough, which is funny since my mother in law asked about it on Tuesday and I was like "I am fine! "  Then that night I thought I had food poisoning or something and then it hit me, "Oh damn... this terrible cramping is my endo...".  So I took medicine and I felt a little better.  Yesterday it was worse, but I took a hot bath, I tried to take it easy, and this morning I am feeling a closer to normal.

The IUD is magic.  Like, I cannot tell you enough about how much of a difference it has made.  Mainly because I no longer have periods. At all.  And for a girl with endometriosis who had two week long periods full of nothing but misery, that is AWESOME.  I still spot sometimes.  More than sometimes, several times a month I randomly start spotting, and with that spotting comes endo pain.  But it usually lasts less than 48 hours and it is NOTHING like what I used to deal with.  I am not sure I would like this IUD at all if I didn't have endo.  I wouldn't suggest a random person go out and get one, because the unexpected spotting is annoying, but for ME, it has been magic.

Over the last few weeks I have started having a sharp pain on my left side during the spotting.  And that feels worrisome due to the lack of an ovary on that side.  What is it that's hurting?  But I am trying to not spend too much time worrying about it. I am trying to enjoy this pain free(ish) time.  I am trying to enjoy feeling as close to normal as I have felt in years in the female reproductive organ department.  So I am not talking about it, because the struggles are just so minimal compared to what I was dealing with six months ago .  And for now, I will take it and stay quite, with the hopes to not jinx anything...


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