Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

So my birthday weekend was all around awesome. Thanks for all the great birthday wishes! Between here on the blog, Facebook and twitter I felt very loved on my day. Which, is what a birthday is for, right? So good job all of you on making me feel special.  You all win at birthdays!

On Friday night Nick's cousin Matt and his girlfriend Blair came into town from South Carolina/Los Angeles (they relocated to LA, but were home in SC for several weeks and drove in from there to visit. I have no idea where to say they are from, but since over the last six years Matt is 'South Carolina Matt' on this blog I feel like it's confusing if he is now LA Matt. Longest pointless blog rant ever).

ANYWAY, we went out to a great dinner and then to a local bar for drinks.  Several friends and family came with us (Thanks Boo, Chris, Candice and Andy!).  While we were there Matt and Blair ran into his old roommate from LA.  Which... okay, was THE MOST RANDOM THING EVER.  Twenty five days before the roommate and his girlfriend got into a car to move to Maine and Blair said "Well... See you never again I guess.."  Then they ran into each other in Kentucky.  Mind=blown.

I took no pictures of Friday night, but Saturday we got up and went to brunch and then out to Keenland.
 Fall 2012

Boo and Missy met us at Brunch. Here we all are after consuming an insane amount of country style breakfast goodness.

Fall 2012
And then it was on to Keeneland. Six years ago Matt came to Keeneland when he was here for our wedding. Since that day, he has been trying to schedule a visit so he can come back. It finally happened.
 Fall 2012
And then him and Blair both won on their very first race. It's like six years of waiting actually paid off. (with like $3)
Fall 2012
Since it was Halloween weekend Keeneland ads this guy riding around the track. I find him rather creepy. Mainly the face pressed against the shirt front. I am sure you weren't really suppose to notice that, but to me it looks like is soul is trying to escape. (you are welcome for sharing that image. Sleep tight tonight!)
Fall 2012
Hanging out waiting for the next race.
 Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Outside of the track. I really like this one.
 Fall 2012

And a last one of Matt and Blair that's adorable. Thanks for coming guys!

After Keeneland we had family dinner at Nick's mom's house and it was awesome. Chris and Nicole came and Aunt Brenda was also in town from SC...and she didn't even get mentioned in this post. So terrible of me...

but no worries because I have another entire post about that night and our Bob Ross painting experience! I know you can't wait!

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  1. Aren't those random encounters amazing? I used to live in New Jersey, and my brother came to visit me from where he lived in Texas. As we were walking down Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, he looked up and said, "Joe?" It was one of his roommates from his freshman year in college. They went to Notre Dame.