Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preschool Plague #2 (yes, already)

And on the second Friday of Preschool, I will send upon you a plague of vomit.

~Somewhere in the bible I think

(if you don't like blog posts about vomit you might want to skip this one.  You have been warned)

We are two for two on Friday illnesses around here.  Henry only went to preschool one day this week.  Just Thursday.  How could he possibly pick up a new bug so fast?  But on Friday he put himself to bed for his nap time at Aunt Boo's house.  She jsut walked into her room and found him asleep in her bed.  And when she tried to wake him up a few hours later he just kept saying how tired he was.  He walked into the house and Nick realized right away something was off.   He was pale and had dark circles under his eyes.  He climbed up in Nick's lap and asked him to sing "Hush Little Baby".

You all... that is not normal.  Sickness alarm bells started sounding.

Nick sang to him, and about half way through the song he started holding his stomach and saying 'Ow... my tummy..."  Nick asked if he needed to throw up, Henry announced that yes, he thought that was a great idea.  Then he requested we take his shirt off so he doesn't get throw up on it.

God, my kid is awesome, even when sick.  He is thinking about the vomit laundry his Mama will have to do later and he is doing his part to keep it at a minimum.

The bug lasted about twelve hours, with around ten vomit events in it.  Every single one made it in a bowl or toilet. 

My kid=throw up rock star.

He is now in the tub playing with his boat.  He announced that his belly 'Feels REALLY REALLY BETTER!"  But we are still taking it slow.  Better safe than sorry.  But I have my fingers crossed that plague #2 is moving into the past.  At least the part that includes Henry throwing up.  Now we wait and worry if Mama and Papa might get this one too...

Screw you Preshcool.  Again.


  1. Oh, no! I hope that Mama & Papa stay healthy and the bugs stay away from Henry for a LONG time!

  2. I swear I think kids just lick each other at nieces had all the same illnesses!

  3. My 6yo got his first sickness withint 36hrs of starting preschool. He was out of school for 4 days. He was back 1.5days, then got sent home with another round of vomit. Then (oh, yes, there was more), with each of the subsequent 4 weeks, there was some kind of sick (at least 2 of which also necessitated staying home from school/work). Within the first 6mon of being there, we were all constantly sick. However, he's hardly been sick since then. Moral of the story? Make it through the first 6mons of your 1st child in out-of-home childcare and you'll rarely have vomit again :)