Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Tomorrow is Henry's first day of preschool. He is really excited.  I am really... I am not exactly sure. 

We spent last week touring the different part time preschool/daycare centers.  We are looking for him to go three full days a week, which feels like a lot.  I know lots of kids go five full days a week from the time they are six weeks old, so I am being a little insane about this, but still.  It's the long days that get me.  The preschool I have no doubt he is ready for, and will actually really love.  But the fact that from 8-5:30 he will be in this new place with new people, when up until now he has always only been with family... it's a little hard on me.

We found a great place.  A nice new building with great reviews from the other parents.  The teachers are really nice and Henry ran right in and joined the group of other three year olds.  He talked to his teacher, then just took a seat in the classroom and started doing the activity while I talked with her about how the program works.  When we left, he cried that he wanted to stay and play.

It will be good.  It will actually be great.  I think he will love it, and hopefully it will help to have a place he can always go to take one stress off of a stressful time in our life.

He is ready. Mama is ready enough...tomorrow is a big day for our sweet boy.


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  1. He'll love it! And you'll end up loving it too once you see how much fun he has. Love you!