Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lego House Battle

So Friday Henry and I stayed home sick from work/school. We both had the always sexy pink eye, and also something that shockingly resembled the flu.  I can't say for sure, because we weren't tested, but a note came home from school on Tuesday that said 'PARENTS! Do NOT sent your kids with a fever because of THE FLLLLUUUUUUUUU!", which I read as "Somebody brought the flu to school and the teachers are pissed".  Then, not 24 hours later Henry was telling us "I just going to sleep.  I cold.  Just leave me alone."

No really.  Henry said that. Like a dozen times.    How PITIFUL is that? I was all like, "Poor baby... I guess he is a maybe not feeling good... do you think he might have cold chills??"  And then twenty four hours after that I am like, "JUST MAKE IT STOP!!"  while wearing 4 shirts with a hood up over my head, sweatpants, huge woolly socks and four blankets.  Then I burst into tears and told Nick "I THINK I AM REALLY SICK*!" 

Now that I think about it, Henry handled it way better than I did.  Henry is a total bad ass.   Also, screw you, double sided, pink eye/flu like preschool plague...

Anyway, Nick stayed home with Henry on Thursday and I stayed with him on Friday since I was then sick too.  While we were laying around Henry asked if I wanted to play Lego's.  I say sure so he goes and gets his giant box.  He asks for me to build a house, which... I mean, who can't build a house, right?  It's like, a square.  So I start digging for pieces and get to work.  Like a million hours later I inform Henry that we DO NOT OWN THE RIGHT PIECES! and declare the house cannot be finished.  Still, I was pretty proud of the start I made on it.

I mean, it has an a nice front step, it has a door... totally a house. Then Nick comes home and is like 'Um... what is that?" And I am kinda proud, but also felt it was rude to brag, so I am just like "Oh, you know... just the house I made..." and he laughs. HE LAUGHS! And I am like, "What? I think it's pretty good...". To which he laughs harder. Then I say "WELL! We didn't have enough pieces to finish it! I couldn't find the right size! But I think it's DECENT!" Apparently Nick viewed it as a challenge.

That's right. There are flowers.  And sconces. 
And he didn't even have to take mine apart to make it, so there goes my "There weren't enough pieces" argument...
His has shutters and dormer windows. Mine has... holes where I pictures windows to be. Because I find IMAGINATION to be an important thing to teach children.  His has a 'stone footer with a brick exterior." mine went with more of an all inclusive color palette
Oh, his also has two people, a fireplace and a computer. but.... whatever

I really think the take home message is just that we both made Lego houses for Henry.  Who needs to say who's might be "better".  I mean, what is BETTER anyway.  Just someones opinion.  I think my house is rather good and shows the value of...

Never mind.

Nick wins.

*We both had our flu shots, and I got on Tamiflu right away, just in case because I don't want to expose Missy.  We are both feeling much better)


  1. Um, Nick's is seriously impressive. Not to ignore yous, mind you, but, I mean, really. Impressive.

  2. Hilarious! You and I should build lego's together. The competition would be fair. Andy and Nick seem to be on a similar playing field too. Ican see this happening at my house!!! Lol!

  3. Our Nanny V was a super lego builder like Nick - so impressive - then the kids would want me to do that and I just can't. Let's say I'm a bit challenged spatially - we can't be good at everything, right?

  4. I have to be honest, I laughed out loud at the pictured of both of the houses side by side! Mine would have totally looked like yours, and sadly, Miss O. who's 8, would have built something as impressive as Nick's!

    I'm glad you're both feeling better now!

  5. My husband has a double degree in computer and electrical engineering. I am lego-shamed DAILY. When Daddy is home there are robots and cabins and freaking x wing starfighters. When Mommy is home there is..yeah what you made. He can also sculpt and draw so play doh and chalk time is like... anyhow I can make cookies. That's what I tell myself. He built the boy a car he could wear out of a cardboard box, he built Mister Rodgers TROLLEY off a picture on the internet.

    Saturday and Sunday is like SUPER AWESOME CRAFTS and then Monday through Friday it's... hey! yellow and blue make green!