Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So I am Covered in a Mystery Rash... Wanna Hang Out?


So I have this rash.  Let me tell you about it, so you can feel sorry for me... which might make me feel a little better.

I woke up with it last Tuesday, which you may remember was a very stressful day.  Because if that stress, I figured it was a stress induced rash.  They happen, and it seemed logical.  But then, even after the stress of Tuesday went away, the rash has stayed.  Setting up shop, making itself at home, becoming settled in for a nice long stay.  And then, it decided to have a family, spreading itself far and wide.

  It sorta looks like this:
large red itchy/flakey looking splotches.

Unless of course it looks like this:
Almost bite like little pin prick spots that REFUSE to be photographed well, but completely cover my sides and back.  Seriously, there are hundreds of them.

And it is taking over my entire BODY
Which, once again isn't really viewable in this picture but I AM POSTING IT ANYWAY BECAUSE IT IS ANNOYING ME

It goes from my neck to my knees.  It is not on my hands, feet or face.  It itches like a bitch, and it hurts.  I know you are wondering if I have been to the doctor, and OF COURSE I HAVE.  I went last Thursday afternoon once it started spreading all over my stomach and back and I worried it was some sort of bite or something TERRIBLE.  It wasn't.  I mean, it wasn't a bite.  She couldn't really say if it was something TERRIBLE because she just scratched her said, said she had no idea, could be from stress... here are some drugs! 

Nobody else in my house or work has it.  I haven't changed my detergent or been anywhere strange (besides Idaho, but that was a month ago).  I have not rolled naked in poison ivy.  Yesterday I called the doctor again and they called me in a new perscription, this time an oral steroid, since the cream and allergy type medication they said would "CLEAR IT RIGHT UP!" last week were a bust.  I thought the oral steriods were working, but the inch/red factor as the day goes on is having me second guess that assumption.

Soooooo... anybody ever have a mystery rash?  One that nobody else in your house has, that seems to not care about steroid treatments or allergy treatments, that lasts for over a week and has the ability to drive you crazy with the constant itching and general uncomfortableness?  I am up for any crackpot home remedies at this point. 

Also... should I be too embarassed to go to the pool tomorrow? I SWEAR it doesn't seem remotely contagious, but still... a little awkward to get out of the car and look like I am covered in the measles.  (which is what my coworker said they sorta looked like... sounds healthy).

 (for the record I had my vaccine)

I am planning on going, but I did borrow a one piece suit.  Nobody wants to look at this while they enjoy their summer day... 



  1. Oh you poor thing!!

    I had a mystery rash onec, though it was solid red lumps, mostly on the palms of my hands and my face... It happened when I was on a school trip to Germany. I noticed an odd red mark on ny leg the first night there, they gradually spread and by the end of the week I was covered in them! No one else on the trip, or in my host family had anything, but I felt awful (sore throat, headaches). My teacher offered to take me to a Dr over there but I refused (because I think I was scared they might not let me fly home and I'd be stranded alone!) When I got back my parents took me to the Dr and she just scratched her head too and said she'd never seen anything like it but that as I felt so rough and no one else had them then it could just be my body reacting strangely to a virus or something. She said it seemed unlikely I was contagious but to take a week of school anyway just to recover. We never found out any more but it did just disappear on its own. It's rather disconcerting though isn't it to have a rash the drs can't explain... Hugs to you, I hope it settles down soon! Have you tried bathing in water with a muslin filled with oats? Supposed to be good for itching xxx

  2. Shingles? Can't that be stress-induced? I have very little clue what I'm talking about, but it might be worth checking out. (Also, would not be good to be around unvaccinated tiny babies if that's the case.)

  3. My son had this exact same thing recently; the bumps looked exactly the same. His doctor said "probably just a virus".