Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Father/Daughter Weekend

Friday night after work I kissed my boys goodbye and headed to my parents house for the weekend.  Just me.  Last year when discussing what my dad wanted for his birthday he said "You know, all I really want is some time together.  Can we make that work?"

So we did.  We set aside a (now annual) father/daughter weekend where I come (and a different weekend where Boo goes) and I am not the mama or the wife, I am just the daughter.  We watch movie after movie, him showing me things he has discovered and loves.  We eat good food, we talk a lot.. basically we have a weekend of quality Father/Daughter time.  And it's awesome.

In my currently over-packed life it is pretty rare I am just the daughter... I guess it's mainly just this one weekend a year.  Plus the weekend gives me this quality time with my dad, and my mom too, that is priceless to me. My dad is a pretty smart guy for coming up with this plan... I am a pretty lucky gal.


Me and my dad, spending the weekend together catching up on movies and on each other. 

Movies I have now viewed and loved:

Silver Linings Playbook
Django Unchained
Jack Reacher

And if you were worried about what my boys did this weekend without the Mama, don't fret.  They were just fine.
Father/Son weekends are pretty awesome too.


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