Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Boy, Sweet Dog

Vacation is coming! Vacation is coming!

And I have feeeelings about that (of course I do).  But I am too busy attempting to get the house cleaned up and us packed and ready for 11 days out of town to really delve into those feelings.  So instead, I give you pictures! 
A boy and his dog :)
Just Henry hanging out on the floor with Ms. Ellie girl...
I took about ten pictures trying to get them both to look at me, but sometimes you just can't win. Henry finally gives me the good smile... Ellie hears something on the front porch
And she's gone...
No problem... I'll just practice my know... for the beach...

(I realize this post is thinnly strung together, but it's what I got.)

( And how I could I not include the tub picture?  The boy is SO PROUD that he can float now. Bath time takes an extra fifteen minutes at least. "LOOK MAMA!! LOOK!  I FLOATING!!!!"  What can I say, the boy has skillz)

(We leave in THREE DAYS!)


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