Monday, December 16, 2013

A Family of Educators: A BlogHer Sponsored Post

I am surrounded by teachers.

From the time Boo was in first grade she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up: she was going to be a teacher.  And she never wavered on that dream once. She knew in her bones she was meant to teach, so she worked her way through grade school, high school and college with that goal in her mind.  Out of college she got a job in the elementary school that we attended as children, and at the same time she continued her education by receiving a masters degree and her National Board Certification.

Two of my aunts came into teaching on a slightly different path.  They went to school, found jobs in fields other than education, and had families.  Then, later in life, they decided to return to the classroom and eventually learn how to be a leader within it. The both received masters degrees, and one is also Nationally Certified.  Our family values education, but more than that, our family loves being the ones to educate.

Boo and my aunts walked two different paths on their way to being teachers, but all three of them found their calling within the field.  I have grown up constantly influenced by these three women and their love of watching children learn.  I have sat in on countless meals while they talk about lesson plans and teaching strategies.  I have had the privilege of seeing how much they all truly love their work, and their ability to influence children and college students alike.

By watching them I have also seen the challenge of working in the field of education.  The hours spent planning and perfecting your lessons that will influence these children future.  They worry over if they are grasping what you are trying ten different ways to teach them.  But I have also spent time in Boo's classroom and seen how she bonds with these children, and how they bond with her.  Hugs and notes of love and appreciation abound, as do visits from older students long gone who come back to tell her what a difference she made in their lives.  And those things make the worry and long hours and worry worth the effort.  Because she is doing what she loves... she is doing what she was always meant to do.  Just like my aunts before her, she was born to be a teacher.  And she is amazing at it.

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