Thursday, December 19, 2013

This and That

There is lots going on around here, but nothing in and of itself that makes up a blog post.  Sooooo.... I give you a bullet post:
  • I have to work four more days this year (not counting stopping by to make sure nothing in the germinators is on fire).  I am not sure how they can actually expect me to keep focused six days before Christmas.  I am worthless.
  • I have officially wrapped up this semester, which is my very last fall semester EVER (assuming I never go crazy and decide to get my PhD).  I am a little in shocked at how fast this semester flew by.
  • I took this picture of Henry this week.  It is one of my favorite pictures ever.
  • Sweet child of mine
  •  Did you read my post about falling down?  People seem to find it funny (which gives me joy) so if you missed it, check it out.  If you are so inclined, you can share it on facebook or twitter or whatever...I love when a good post gets shared
  • We went to visit my Pa yesterday, who is still very ill.  While we were there I took this great picture of my mom and Henry.  Love.
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  •  We also had a brunch at my Aunt Jan's yesterday (we are staying pretty busy..). Pictures were also taken there, because of course they were.
  • Chrismtas Brunch
  • Chrismtas Brunch
  • Chrismtas Brunch
  • A random complaint:  Last night we wanted to watch a Christmas cartoon, so Nick pulled up some Mickey Christmas collection on netflix.  The special had three cartoons, and the middle one was all about Goofy and his son Max, and Max hearing Santa wasn't real, and Goofy dressing up as Santa and pretending, then Max finding out it was really his dad faking him out, then them sitting up all night waiting for Santa and right when they both decide he is fake,  FINALLY Santa does come...but the entire thing was awful.  Like, Henry had never thought that Santa might NOT exist.  So several times he was like "Where is Santa?  What is GOING ON??"   and Nick and I whispered about turning it off, but that seemed worse because we thought they SURELY were about to have Santa walk in... but it broke mine and Nick's Christmas loving heart. And although I think he was little enough for it not to do lasting Christmas magic damage, it made me mad. It doesn't feel like a Mickey cartoon should have a huge debate on if Santa is real, lets leave that for cartoons made for bigger kids :(
  • Well that was a sorta long tangent on my last bullet, hua?  Maybe I should end on a brighter note...
  • Nick and I saw the Hobbit last weekend.  It was AMAZING (if you like Hobbit like things.)  I keep thinking about it and really want to see it again... I highly recommend it.

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