Friday, December 13, 2013

An Important Use of my Time

Next week is Finals week...Monday I have a final exam for one class and an 8-10 paper policy paper due for another... I should REALLY be using all my free time to study or write.  Really... I should. 

And yet...

I find myself very distracted by other things I NEED to do.  Like wrap presents, make fudge and work on Christmas cards...


Or bringing dinner to my Mamaw and Pa and allow the children to sit WAY too close to the television set
Or deciding it was high time we broke out the old soccer ball so we can practice dribbling INSIDE THE HOUSE
(He really wanted this picture taken)
(and this one.. because butts are hilarious) 
Or maybe just make sure my lab participated in the annual door decorating contest at work.  I mean, we don't want to be the Grinch of the building, right?  But the thing is, we have five doors..basically an entire hallway.  Things like this take time.

Oh... and this blog post.  This here blog post also took TOP PRIORITY over creating my study guide.  I haven't blogged in DAYS.  My readers NEED ME.

 Now I just need to...

Damn it.

 I think I actually have to start studying now.

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