Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So you know how every now and again something happens  around you, and as it happens you think "Yep... everyone who is witnessing this is going to go home and tell their families about it because it is THAT EMBARRASSING."

That was me, yesterday. I was the event that people talked about around the dinner table with "That poor girl" voice as they tried to hide the laughter.  Let me tell you about it...

I decided to run over to my doctors office in order to get my second lupron injection on my lunch break.  I checked in at the front desk, then asked how long it would be before a nurse called me back.  They said I had a few minutes, so I ran upstairs to a different office in the building to deliver a Christmas present to a family friend.  I was sort of in a hurry to get back to my office, afraid I had missed my name being called, so I was walking rather briskly through the main lobby.  The main lobby where the valet is stationed, which was FULL of people.  And that's when it happened.

I could see the office door, I wasn't far.  I just had to cross in front of the main elevators and I was there.  But something happened right in front of elevator two.  I felt my foot catch on the rubber mat that was there, I ASSUME, to prevent people from slipping.  But it had a wrinkle....

 Oh, the dreaded rug wrinkle.

So my foot catches, but this is not a mere stumble... definitely not a 'pretend I just wanted to jog for a couple of steps' sort of trip.  Oh no.  It's like the rubber mat wrapped around my ankle, throwing me irrevocably off balance.

I knew right away I was going to hit the ground, but I still was thinking I could most likely keep this contained at the knees.  I mean, sure, it's embarrassing to fall to your knees in a crowded lobby, but there are worse things, right?


So I hit my knees.  HARD.  And then I feel the momentum pushing me forward.  I actually think, "I think I am going to need to brace myself with my hands... oh god, people are watching" ... as my hands hit the floor.

Only, my hands were not enough.  Oh no, it must be more embarrassing than that to be sure everyone talked about it around their dinner tables, right?  As my hands hit, I realized there was still too much force.  There was no way to stop.. so my arms slid out in front of me, and I slid across the lobby...on my stomach.


I did.

It was... not graceful.

I could hear the men closest to me jumping up and saying things like"IS SHE OKAY?"  and  "DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!" (everyone saw that sir)  So I immediately went into damage control.

"I'M OKAY!!"  I yelled from the ground, flat on my stomach, head still down so as to not look at the crowd.  "I am FINE!"

"Ummm... are you SURE?"  One of the men asked as he tried to help me up.

"No" I thought, "I am not at all sure, and I am really trying to not cry here..."

but instead I just said "Hahahahaha... I am fine!  Watch out for that rug!"  which I pointed to, as if they could miss it.  And I hurried into my own doctors office, surrounded by nothing but shocked silence in the lobby.

My knee today:

I fell...
And I am sore all over.  It really was an epic fall...



  1. You are such a great and funny story teller, Sarah! Hope your knee feels better soon! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I have done similar things and the embarrassment factor outweighs everything else, doesn't it? I fell down some stairs in a shop once, from top to bottom and EVERYONE turned to look. I leapt up shouting I was FINE but jeez I could barely walk after that one. I did the whole "I'm NOT going to cry" thing and I don't know why we do it because seriously, what's wrong with crying when you fall so spectacularly??

    I really, really hope your knee feels better soon as it looks so sore xx

  3. Ohhh no and ha haaaa!!!!! I totally can see you sliding across the floor there!! I have fallen and landed on my knees, so I know how much it hurts! I actually had to go to the doctor because the swelling was so bad. Thanks for making me laugh really hard though. :) ~ Kristin B.