Monday, January 13, 2014

Back! (From the Trip I Forgot to Mention...)

We decided at the last minute to take a quick trip to South Carolina this weekend. Surprise!(I realize this isn't that interesting to most of you since it isn't like we just popped in at your house, but still.)  Nick's mom (aka Nana) was going to come in from Florida, and Henry has really been missing her and Grandpa since they moved, so we decided we would meet them there.  It helps that we have lots of family we adore there, so win/win.

The trip was nice.  I managed to take exactly one picture:
Winter 2014
As you can see, it's of Henry.  Whom I could photograph at any time.  So... not my best photography outing.  But this trip wasn't really a picture taking trip, it was just a spend time together trip. And that was accomplished.

Winter 2014
When we woke Henry up on Sunday to come home he said he was sick. I didn't believe him, which I need to learn my lesson on.  The kid doesn't fake sick.  He did okay for the six hour car ride home, but once there he informed Nick he just wanted to be covered up with a blanket, and then promptly fell asleep without dinner.

Winter 2014
We worried a little, hoping he would feel better in the morning and the worst was behind us.  It was not behind us.  The puke started at 11pm.  And lasted...for rather a long time.  So today Henry and I are home and he is recovering.  I thought he was nearly back to 100%, but then he started to look a little pale and fell asleep on the couch again so... time will tell.

*the last two pictures are just from me playing with my new camera.  Again.  Still.  If you are wondering if Henry is getting tired of me taking his picture, than answer is yes...

**If you are curious about the two blurry fingers, they were dancing.  (Obviously.)


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