Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions 2014- Reviewing and Renewing

Happy New Year everyone!  I was sort of down most of yesterday, but today I must admit I am happy to close the door on 2013.  It was a difficult year, and here's hoping that 2014 goes a little easier on us. 

Now, on to the point of this post...  my annual New Years Resolutions! (or goals, since some of them aren't exactly resolutions per se...).  But first, we must review my results for last year.  Looks like I only set three for myself, instead of my usual five.  Last year at this time was very very difficult, so I am going to cut myself some slack on these lackluster resolutions.

1. Spend as much quality time as possible with my family. This first resolution sorta tells you where I was at last January 1st.  We had found out Missy's treatments weren't working and our time was limited.  At the point of this post, I did not realize exactly how short that time would be.  But, without going into a lot of detail and getting too emotional, I would give myself a gold star for this resolution.  I would always like to spend even MORE time with our wonderful family, but this year was filled with amazing family time, and it was definitely made a priority.

2. Finish my capstone for my Masters Program.  Hahahaha! I had no what I was putting on my shoulders when I set this goal!  It's sorta insane... AND YET I ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED IT!  The details on last years post said I wanted it ready to be defended, and although I am not 100% there, I actually finished writing my last section yesterday, and it's ready for final review.  This is TOTALLY close enough and I give myself a SHINING GOLD STAR!

3. Spend more time outdoors.  Wow... I am pretty good at remembering my resolutions and keeping them in mind throughout the year, but I am shocked to see this on here.  Like, I WROTE THIS?  Interesting...   Let's see... we DID actually go camping this year.  We also went on an extremely enjoyable hike, and we spent rather a lot of time at soccer this fall.  Plus, as I think back I know we did go to the park and spend time outdoors, but when I read this resolution I feel like I still like the idea, and that there is more we could do to move in the direction of getting off the couch and being outside.  So... I give myself a soft pass.  (translation: GOLD STAR!) Overall we did pretty well considering I forgot it was a goal.

Now, let's move on to this year!  Clearly I am mentally in a different place this year compared to last, because keeping these resolutions to five is going to be a challenge... Let's go.

1.  Move more.  I really really REALLY have a strong desire to be healthier this year.  And my number one goal for feeling healthier is actually moving my body more.  I have been wearing my Wii U Fit meter for a couple of months now and it's depressing.  So I got a bike for Christmas and I plan to ride it.  And when I can't ride my bike, I want to find a way to work in some exercise.  Maybe not every single day, but regularly.  Enough so that I don't feel like a slug.

2.  Lose Weight (and keep it off).  So cliche, right?  And Actually this was on the list in 2012 and I did very well with it.  But this year sorta through my eating patterns in a lurch.  I am not even apologizing for it, I mean, I am a stress eater.  It was a stressful year.  But I want to get it in check and be happier with my body.  So, 20 pounds by June 1st.  Keep it off through the end of the year. 

3. Graduate with my MPH.  This is sorta a cop out resolution, BUT I AM TAKING IT.  I mean, I am totally on track for this to happen, but it's HUGE on my to do list for 2014, so I want a gold star (and a diploma) when it's all said and done. 

 4. Reduce the amount of time looking at my phone and be with who I am with.  A tough one, but it needs to be on here.  I have noticed more and more how Henry notices when I pull out my phone.  I want it to stay in my pocket.  There is a time and place for social media, but when I am in the middle of quality family time, that is not it.  If everyone is doing their own thing I won't feel guilty to check in, but if Henry or Nick wants my attention, I don't want Facebook distracting me from them. 

5. Read 35 Books.  This isn't an insane number for me, I actually have read 30 this year and read 48 the year before, but I really like setting a reading goal, so here it is.  Hopefully I can find 35 books I enjoy as much as the ones I read this year

So that's it!  I actually have at least three more that I would like to put on the list, but these are the ones I am choosing to focus on for this year.  No need to try to make myself perfect all in one year, right?  We will evaluate again on January 1st 2015 and see how I did...


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  1. Your list is inspiring! Thanks for sharing! It's been fun to read everybody's resolutions today. But more than all of that, I'm just so sorry about the loss of your sister. It sounds like the anniversary of her death is coming up. I hope that it is a time of healing and celebration of her life with your family. I'm sure you miss her more than any of us can even imagine.