Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seven Days

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I HAVE WORKED OUT SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW.

That's right.

 I was about to claim it was a lifetime record, but that might not be true.  I WAS on that track team in middle school...  Still, I doubt I ever ran on the weekends.  So... LIFETIME RECORD!

 If you are curious, my "workouts" include a collection of different exercises.  On nice days I ride my new bike.  Something that, I must admit, has turned out to be a touch harder than I expected.  I remember back in the day (around the track years I think) when I could ride my bike FOREVER.  Really, like I never really remember getting tired from bike riding.  Maybe if I went up a huge hill or something, but as soon as the ground leveled I was good to go.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered riding for fifteen minutes would leave me so breathless that I had to rest five minutes before I could speak in complete sentences.  I also discovered that my street, which I used to believe to be perfectly flat, is actually at a deadly incline.  An unseen to the natural eye deadly incline... don't let those fool you.  But by the third day of bike riding I was able to go a respectable distance in 20 minutes and was able to talk when I got home.  IMPROVEMENT! 

On bad weather days I am mostly using the Wii U Fit for my exercise.  I am doing a lot of the yoga and dance, plus a little balance and strength training.  (Using the words 'a lot' rather loosely... I am maxing out at 30 minutes of exercise a day).

All in all, I feel really good about this entire 'move more' resolution I set for myself.  I know it's one week, but that's a week more than I did last year, so it's a start!


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