Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My New Favorite Show (That You Should Be Watching Too)

Oh guys, we are seriously hooked on Sherlock over here.  Do you watch it?  DO YOU???  Because if you don't let me tell you a secret, IT IS AMAZING!

I know I am late to the Sherlock train, but with all the internet hype, I had a funny feeling I would possibly get a little obsessed with it, and go on all night benders of "Just one episode..." that would lead to total exhaustion and homework procrastination for weeks on end.  Which is why we opted to stay clear.  I know how I get with a new show, and there is just no time for such an obsession right now.

Or so I thought... a couple of weeks ago some people at work were talking about the show and I asked how many seasons were already out.  The girl says two, and I think "Well that's not bad..." and the she says "But there are only three episodes per season."   Six episodes, one and a half hours each, but still.... that's only nine hours of TV watching to get caught up on this show everyone is talking about... 

It was starting to look possible.  So last week Nick and I decided to give it a go... aaaaaand we are done. 

Not just with the first two seasons, but also with the first two episodes of the third season, which is airing now.  And all of a sudden my reason for starting the show, that it would be nine episodes and done, has become a curse.  Because now I have ONE MORE EPISODE before we are done with season three and have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR for a new season. WHAT THE HELL??  I am not ready to be done...the show is cleaver and funny, and... well... I just love them both so much...

So watch Sherlock.  It won't take long, then we can complain together about the long wait until season four.


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