Friday, February 7, 2014


Henry talks about Missy a lot, maybe not every single day, but several times a week.  Sometimes it's just statements, like telling us he misses her or reminding us that she lives in his heart.  Other times it's a little more heartbreaking, like when he played his music box and said "I think Aunt Mimi will love this song so much that she will come back from heaven and listen with me".  Lots of times it's just general questions about her, about death and about heaven.  So it wasn't a surprise at bedtime last night when he brought her up.  He had just been tucked in when he looked as me and said "Does Aunt Mimi get thirsty in heaven?"

I try to answer all his questions as well as I can, since usually they have detailed follow up questions, so I thought for a second, then said  "I don't really know baby.  I don't think anybody is really thirsty in heaven, but I am sure she can have a drink if she ever wants one."

To which he said, "I think she drinks water in heaven."

I smiled, thinking of how much she actually loved water and said "I am sure she does.  It was her favorite drink."

He lays still for a minute and I assume the conversation is over, then he says "The floor in heaven is really colorful.  It is made up of ALL the colors.  And Aunt Mimi loves to dance on it.  She is a great dancer.  She just dances on the colorful floor and drinks her water."

And if you know Missy, you know how perfectly this fits her.  Nobody has loved to dance more than our sweet girl, and picturing her up in heaven, dancing on a floor made of all the colors, water in hand, just dancing her heart out... it's just exactly how I want to think of her over this difficult weekend, and beyond.  Just like Henry sees her now. 


Always dancing.



  1. Oh my heart. This post. I feel like over the course of our friendship and reading your blog, I've gotten to know Missy in some way... and now I feel like I know her even more.

    When I lost my first baby, my nephew was only 4 years old. We weren't even going to tell him until he asked us about our baby and why it hadn't come out to play with him yet... so we told him about how the baby was in heaven. He said, "That makes me very sad. I will miss that baby." Which is the simplest, most PERFECT thing anyone had said regarding our loss of Evan to date.

    Then, we were raising infant kittens and one of them died. He was very sad... we all were. And then he goes, "Now he can go to kitty heaven just like your baby went to baby heaven. Maybe they can play together."

    Kids have a way of keeping our hearts fresh. I'm glad Henry has these memories of his Aunt Mimi. <3

  2. What a wonderful way to remember someone. Children are amazing. Wishing you strength and peace at this time and always.

  3. How touching. Thinking of you all

  4. I love this picture of Missy. Not only for how it captures Henry's vision of what she is doing now, but for how it shows her beauty and the vibrance with which she lived her life.
    There are no words that will take away your pain, but I so hope you find comfort and strength in your amazing family and your memories of sweet Missy.
    Lori in PEI

  5. I popped in to tell you I'm thinking of you today and know that it will be hard


    PS love the photo too, and LOVE Henry's view of heaven. There's got to be some dancing.

    PPS A favourite pastor of mine died about 5 years ago and one of the other pastors spoke about heaven and said, "I'm sure Pastor Mel is polishing the angels' wings and sweeping the streets of gold" She LOVED a clean and sparkly place so that made me smile, and cry at the same time. But smile because heaven indeed will have all our favourite things!


  6. I love what Henry said! Children have such open hearts and they just know the most amazing things! When my grandmother passed away at 91, one of the youngest children in our big family saw how upset everyone was. He told his mom to not be sad because Nanny was in Heaven rocking the babies there. She had always loved babies and holding one was one of the things that gave her such joy. Picturing her that was was such a comfort to all of us. I can only imagine how much comfort Henry's description of Missy's Heaven must have brought all of you! It's such a blessing to share our lives with little ones who are so pure of heart! Love you all annie