Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Deep Breaths

So I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now...

The semester is in full swing with assignments and exams piling up.  For some reason I thought this last semester would be easier... and now I have NO IDEA why I thought that.

I defend my capstone on March 7th.  That is less than two weeks away.. and I am TERRIFIED.  I mean, I am actually extremely proud of my capstone project, but me and public speaking... we do not get along.

I am also presenting my capstone project at a research conference in late March.  It's not as terrifying as the actual defense because I am just making a poster presentation, but still...STILL.

Mawmaw in South Carolina is very sick.  This is stressful and heartbreaking on more levels than I can begin to cover in a bulletted post of stressful things, but know we are heartbroken, and completely at a loss for how to be helpful from so far away.

My lupron side effects are in full swing, causing hot flashes, headaches and exhaustion.  Oh, and possibly making me emotional, since writing this post is sorta making me cry. 

Work is crazy busy and my day off is now filled with one of the final classes I need to graduate, so I I feel like I am living on campus.

Plus we are so busy over the next few months... and it's a good kind of busy.  We have weddings and showers, graduations and birthday parties, trips out of town... but I look at the calendar and I feel the weight of the busy on my shoulders. I don't exactly know how we will do it all while working and living and taking classes.

And then there is the parenting guilt, where I feel like poor Henry gets the raw end of so much of this stress and family upheaval.  And he is so flexible and EASY, but I feel like I take advantage of that and expect him to entertain himself far more often than I should.  And that hurts my heart... for him and for me.

So it's a lot. And it's weighing on me.  But in ten weeks I graduate with a Masters degree...and that will hopefully make these stressful weeks worth it.  I just need to remember to take a few deep breaths between now and then.



  1. You seem to handle it all with such grace, but I know it is hard. We love you, Sarah. <3

  2. All one needs to do is read your previous post to know that "Just Henry" is fine and you are an amazing mama of an amazing boy. It is hard to do everything and be everything (Mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, student, employee, capstone-defender!) but you are amazing! In ten ten weeks it will be over and you will look back in amazement at all you were able to accomplish. Go get'em Sarah!
    Lori in PEI

  3. Just pretend you are "blogging out loud" since you're a great writer - you can do it! xo