Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It Begins...

**Hi. Thank you. I am doing okay. Let's talk about other things...**

 I am not entirely sure how this has happened, but we got a package the other day...
It's probably not the best sign that our packet somehow has a giant muddy footprint on it already...
But somehow... SOMEHOW this adorable BABY is old enough to need Kindergarten registration. I just... I can't even.
There must be some mistake... I really don't think he is old enough.  He just came home from the hospital, right?  And like, he is a delicate flower, in need of his mother's constant smothering soothing love and attention.  No WAY is he big enough for kindergarten.. Right?  RIGHT??
Winter 2014
Henry says "Relax Mom.  I totally got this."

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