Monday, June 9, 2014

Matt and Blair Get MARRIED!

So this weekend we headed down to South Carolina to take part in the highly anticipated wedding of Matt and Blair!  When we stopped on the way to get lunch Henry even told the lady taking our order "My Matt and Blair are getting married and I am the RING BEARER!"

Can you tell he was excited?? (Trying on his bow tie for the rehearsal... he didn't end up wearing it, but now I think that might have been a mistake...)

I didn't take nearly the volume of pictures I usually do at weddings because this was a full on family affair with Nick, Henry and I all being part of the wedding party, but this was hands down one of my favorite weddings ever! 
Getting instructions on how to get married...
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer...they totally got this! (Kelsey took this pic, along with the next two.  I love them!)
Here are the adorable bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner. 

 LOVE! Thank you Kelsey!
How beautiful is this place?
Kesley and Thomas, fellow wedding party members who were actually happy to eat a fancy meal with a five year old :) 
Saturday morning was full of having Boo and Candice do an extremely impressive up-do, picking up Henry's tux after some last minute alterations and then heading down to the big event.  Someone is excited...

The place the wedding was held was so unique.  Very cool, very them.  The beautiful bride.
It's happening!

All dressed up
Henry with his Nana.  They were both pretty happy to be together. 
We clean up nice!

My favorite from the day!
So there was a photo booth... with props...
Matt's dad, Uncle Wayne was the Best Man.  So so sweet.
beautiful dress. Beautiful couple.
Oh look, Boo and Chris were there!
And Candice and Lucas!
And Chris and Nicole! 
Cake toppers...
This happened. It made me laugh.
And this maybe made me cry.

Everything was amazing.
I am running out of things to say, but keep wanting to add pictures...
Did I say I didn't take many?
It now feels like there are a lot..
But I assume you want to see them all (Candice, I am stealing your pictures too!)
I mean, nobody in their right mind would want to miss this...
I am not sure there are enough pictures to capture how amazing the day truly was.  The music, the food, then dancing, the surprise video Matt made for Blair... form start to finish it really was one of my favorite weddings ever.  And that's good, because it was for two of my favorite people.

Congratulations guys!  WE LOVE YOU!!

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