Thursday, June 19, 2014

When Did THIS Happen??

So as it turns out, vacation is amazing.

Who would have thought, right?

This is actually a different trip than anything we have done as a family of three before, because while we are here with my inlaws, they are working during the days so in a lot of ways it feels like this is a trip for three.  We have done very little and are loving every second of it! 

One thing we ARE doing is going to the pool everyday.  The beach* is a bit of a drive (not far, but we are lazy) but the pool is like RIGHT THERE.  And right there we can do!

But that's not the point.  The point is the shocking that that happened at the pool this week.  I am one of those crazy people who are slightly terrified of the pool when it comes to kids.  Like, I think if I blink they will drown, which... is not an insane fear.  But because of that fear (and because of the awesome Aunt Boo) we have had Henry in swim classes several times to increase his water safety knowledge and he is also very familiar with his puddle jumper. 
Henry with his puddle jumper lovingly referred to as his Turtle
So  he has been keeping it on pretty much always, taking it off just to jump to us or have us help him swim.  Then he mentioned something while playing in the 3ft water... 
"I can feel the bottom!"
"You can??"
Yes.  he totally can.
How in the holy heck is my child big enough to play in the pool and like, WALK AROUND like a big kid??
And the discovery that he can TOTALLY stand up led to this...
Which led to THIS... (according to the YMCA this is a good step in swimming skills)

and you guys, he is getting so close to being able to swim.  Just because now he can try, and if he gets scared, his feet can just go to the bottom and he like, stands up. 

This boy... he just keeps growing and it continues to blow my mind.

*We are going to the beach today!  We have also gone to a movie and out to eat, so we are not totally worthless... (but pretty close)

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