Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Well This Is Exciting!! (!!)

I got this email today from the American Public Health Association:

Pretty exciting, right?  Presenting!  My research poster!  At the National Conference!  IN NEW ORLEANS!  I am so ridiculously excited! (If you can't tell already by the excessive use of exclamation points.)

And since we are talking about research and my MPH, I am going to also take a second to show you these other pictures of me at the awards reception after graduation, just so I can make fun of myself, because who doesn't want to pair great accomplishment with awkward pictures in order to keep perspective...

These were the professional shots taken at the ceremony, and every other person has the classic, pretend to shake hands and freeze for a photo shot.  Every. Other. Person. I had this...
I have entitled this one "Who?? ME???"
Followed by this, which I call "Why Stands Still when Hugs are an Option"

That's me.  The over hugging student who was thrilled to win the annual research award
And today I am the graduate presenting her research at the national conference.   If you all were here in real life I would hug you.


  1. Congratulations! Both on the poster presentation and the award. Hugely exciting times.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!

    And if I were there in real life, I would totally hug you back :)