Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Someone is Happy to See His Nana and Grandpa...

We made it to Florida safe and sound!  Turns out Ft. Myers is like, REALLY far away, but it was an easy drive and Henry is so freaking good, it was not that big of a deal to spend two days in the car to get here.  (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY NICK!  How about a twelve hour drive to celebrate?)    Although I think it helped that at the end of our long drive was the reward of a week at the beach with Nana and Grandpa.  Henry has been talking about coming to their house nearly everyday since they moved here in October, so when he woke up in the hotel yesterday morning and yelled, "IT'S TOMORROW!! IT'S TOMORROW!! I get to see my NANA!!!!!!"  It pretty much melted my heart.
About 30 seconds after we got out of the car...
Don't let that first picture fool you, Henry wants very little to do with his Mama and Papa these days...
Not now that we are spending the week with NANA AND GRANDPA!!  He keeps telling them "I get to sleep at your house for EIGHT NIGHTS!"
Looks like Nick and I are on our own, at least after Nana and Grandpa get home from work :) 
**I forgot my memory card reader, so all pictures posted during the vacation will be from my phone.  The good pictures will come after we get home, but using slightly blurry phone pictures wont stop me from posting all week! Get excited!

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