Friday, October 31, 2014

Henry and Cici's Halloween Memory Lane

This year is not shaping up to be the best of Halloweens. Last night Henry started running a fever and then... wait for it... started throwing up. Because of course. And also, this is the SECOND Halloween the kid had spent throwing up. I am not sure the holiday agrees with him.

Add in the fact that Boo spent the night in the hospital for a mutant allergic reaction to a medication AND The fact that they say it may FREAKING SNOW and I will have to admit Halloween 2014 may not end up as my favorite.  Still, Henry has an adorable homemade costume and we are going out to trick or treat!  At least for a house or two.

But, let's not dwell on tonight.  Let's look at the collage I made of Halloween's gone by.

 Seriously, with these two.  The love is strong. 

Happy Halloween!!  Come by tomorrow to see a picture of Henry in this' year's adorable costume!


  1. Oh no!!! Being sick one Halloween is bad enough, but two is just too much!! I do hope Henry feels much better soon...

    And poor Boo, sounds horrific!! How is she doing now? I hope she is doing much better, pass on our love to her xx

  2. Oh my goodness. These are adorable. I hope Henry feels better for the festivities tonight!