Friday, October 24, 2014

Only a Year Too Late

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a mail order pharmacy saying they wanted to confirm my delivery.  I would have just hung up, assuming it was some phishing scheme, but the name of the pharmacy was the one I used for our infertility and endometriosis treatments.  I decided to stay on the phone and hear her out.

"Hello Mrs. C, we would like to confirm your delivery of Lupron scheduled for next week!"

"Um... I most definently did not order any Lupron."

"Really?  We have it in our system to automaically deliver it to you and that it's a monthly delivery.  You got your order last month, right?"

"Last month?  I think you are confused. I haven't been on any medications from you all for a very long time."

"Oh...yes, I see last time we delivered to you was in 2013.  Would you like the medication now?"

"Um. No."

"Would you like me to cancel your future orders?"

"I think that would be best..."

At first I was really confused.  How on earth are they calling me offering me Lupron?  All I could think of was the infertility treatments I used it for, and the last time that happened was in 2010.  Or, am million years ago.  But after I hung up it came to me.  The event that was so annoying that I had apparently blocked it out of my mind entirely.

They were calling about my Lupron order to help fight my horrible, awful, make it difficult to function as a human being, endometriosis issues at the end of 2013.  You remember the one (or I will remind you), after having a laproscopic surgery to remove my endometriosis in September I was still feeling basically awful so I made the hard decision to go back on Lupron in October

Then in November I wrote another post about how I STILL didn't have my medication.   That I had been calling the pharmacy every few days, waiting on hold forever, finally getting  a person who assured me it was REALLY going to be worked out this time (!!) only to never year from them again.  It went on like that for six weeks, but in November I apparently believed it was worked out. 

And THEN in January I posted about how they pharmacy and insurance company were at war over paying for my injections, and how it was an absoulute disaster.  They had preapproved the shots only to deny them and were charging me over a thousand dollars for the two I had taken so far. This resulted in me getting off schedule with my injections while we waited out the beurocratic nightmare and basically completely screwed up my body to the point of no return.

Literally. The point of no return.  One month later I posted that I had decided to have a hysterectomy.  In January my doctor had given me a shot they had in the office while we continued to wait out the pharmacy/insurance issue, but it was two weeks late and I really never was able to get back into sync.  So I stopped calling the insurance and pharmacy requesting my meds.  They were suppose to call me back any day (ANY DAY!) to schedule my next delivery...just as soon as they had this worked out, and I figured I would tell them whenever they finally called ME that I no longer needed the meds.

I had surgery.  In March.  In the middle of a semester at a very busy time in my life.  I put everything on hold and had a major freaking surgery because the insurance and pharmacy could not find a way to get me the medications I needed to keep my chronic illness under control. 

And then I never heard a thing from them. I assumed they could see in my records I had a hysterectomy I guess.  But that was giving them way too much credit.  Because in fact, without my nearly daily phone call pushing them to work this out, they took their time.  And now, ONE FREAKING YEAR LATER,  I got the call... my pharmacy would like to shcedule delivery for my medications.

Yeah.  You are WAY too late CVS Caremark pharmacy.  And after I hung up and then realized why you were calling, I wanted to call back, just to tell them how awful they are.  How much time and energy, stress an pain they caused in my life.  But I decided I wasn't sitting on hold with them ever again.  So I am writing this last post, then letting it go.



  1. Oh Sarah, that is awful! I remember how you wrote about it and cannot believe they just called you, out of the blue, a whole year later. I mean, surely they must have some common sense and know that chances are you are in a totally different place meds wise after such a long time?! No wonder you felt the need to get it out there somewhere xx

  2. That is absolutely unreal. Everything is wrong with our health system in this country. Everything! I'm so sorry this happened to you.