Monday, November 11, 2013

A Pharmacy Complaint

Six weeks ago I mentioned on here that I was going back on Lupron to help fight my endo.  When I wrote that post I had already been in contact with my doctor requesting the treatment.  He and I had talked about it before, so there was no need for an appointment or consolation.  He just called it in.

In September.

It is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday.  Over the last 6/8 weeks I have been in a constant battle with the mail order pharmacy about  getting this medication approved, working out my copayment, lining up the copay assistance program that is offered, and setting up a delivery date... it was ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.     Every few days I would call, wait on hold for twenty minutes, then finally talk to someone.  That someone would say  "we are waiting to hear from your insurance... when would you like this delivered?"  And every time they seemed annoyed with me when I said tomorrow.  I WANT IT TOMORROW.  Really, I wanted it yesterday, before another cycle rolls around and screws up my life for a few days.  And then they would promise to put a rush on it, then there would be radio silence from then for the next week, and finally I would call back.

And repeat, every week.  For SIX WEEKS.

 Seriously... weeeeeeks of waiting to get a prescription filled? How is that an acceptable timeline??

So anyway, I am finally going on Lupron this week, but as luck would have it, another cycle has rolled around while I continue to wait, so this morning I woke up cramping and spotting and all around uncomfortable.  I am sitting here trying to find anyway to sit that doesn't cause pain, and I know over the next 72 hours this will just go down hill.  And I am just so annoyed.  Annoyed that it took the pharmacy this long, annoyed that I have endo in the first place.  Annoyed that we will be out hundreds more dollars for this treatment, after finally paying of the surgery bills two weeks ago.  I am just so annoyed.

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