Monday, November 18, 2013

My Public Health Soapbox: the HPV Vaccine

I have been seeing the HPV vaccine link go around Facebook for awhile... you know the one... it says that the vaccine is dangerous and you should not let your kids have it.  Every single time I see it I type out a long-winded response, then usually delete it (but did actually post it once).  I hate confrontation and arguing on Facebook.


Things like cancer preventing vaccines are pretty important to me, and I feel the need to defend them... since they save lives and all.  Stop listening to things people put on Facebook and please look in the the actual facts.  Evidence based research has shown that:
  1. The HPV vaccine is safe
  2. That it prevents several types of cancer (in both boys and girls)
  3. That it does NOT increase sexual activity  
Vaccines are a good thing.  They are what we all hope and pray the medical community is working to discover... a way to wipe out things that have killed those we love.  The Health Triage channel on youtube, an affiliate of the always amazing vlogbrothers, posted a video this week discussing the link going around facebook and explains HPV, the vaccine, and why it's important.  Please watch it before you decide to not vaccinate your child.

<. / end rant >


  1. Thank you! As an OBGYN, I spend many days trying to get through all the uninformed stuff my patients have heard about this vaccine. In my part of the world, South Africa, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in woman, this vaccine is going to revolutionise our world. I wish people would listen better.

  2. On the old trusty PC again. YES! I also viewed this video yesterday (it was you that clued me in on the vlogbrothers.. so awesome).

    Anyway, I cannot tell you how many of my FB friends are ranting about the "poison" being dispensed to our children... and I wanted to bang my head against a wall. Such ignorance out there. Vaccines work!

  3. My friend and I were just talking about this vaccine the other day! It is super important and I think people don't realize that BOYS as well as girls should get the vaccine to help stop the spread of the virus. Thanks for posting on this! Arielle