Monday, November 4, 2013

'Tis the Season...

All you people who think November should be reserved for Thanksgiving and we shouldn't talk about Christmas before Black Friday... you might want to skip this post. It will make you all twitchy.

 So we started Christmas shopping this weekend.

I know, right?

But we had a few things we KNEW we wanted to get people, so might as well get those things out of the way.  Plus Toys R Us was having a sale...and I like sales. Plus the idea of getting that store over and done with before the actual holiday rush was too tempting to pass up.  AND in that we had a babysitter lined up, and were itching to start spending some of the money that was sitting in the Christmas account, so.... 'TIS THE SEASON!

We buy for 23 people during the holidays.... I have no idea if that is normal, above or below average, but it is what it is.  Out of that number, only 3 are children.   I realized yesterday that this is unfortunate because kids are MUCH easier to buy for.  As we walked up and down the rows looking for things for Henry, I felt that he would be thrilled with anything in the store.  Seriously, anything.  Do you want to know what to get a four year old boy for Christmas?  Just cover your eyes, spin around and point your finger at something.  If it isn't pink, he will be thrilled*. Even if it is pink, it will probably be well received...

 The adults on my list were more of a mystery. Or maybe I have become more aware of the value of things than I used to be, which makes me want to get people things they REALLY want or need.  Like, sure, that's a nice sweater, but do you WANT a sweater?  or would you rather have a nice necklace?  Or a new skillet?  It's like this internal battle  I have where I want to surprise people with things, but at the same time I want to say "Do you WANT this surprise? Like REALLY want it??  Because if you don't, I don't want to waste this opportunity to give you something you WAAAAAANT.  So I need you to tell me what to get... but ACT SURPRISED!"

I think I have gift giving induced anxiety.

So basically Nick and I went Christmas shopping this weekend.  We bought an alarming amount for Henry, and got the other two kids checked off our list.  Plus we checked off one adult... with a gift from the toy store.  The rest of the day we wondered around asking if someone would like this, then setting it back down, unsatisfied. .. then we just bought things for ourselves.

Christmas shopping... we are doing it wrong.  (But we sure do like all OUR new stuff!)

So, Merry Christmas shopping.  We are at least holding off on putting up a tree or decorating... for now.

*More specifically what does a four year old boy want for Christmas?  Lego's (Ninjago/ Lego City/ Superheros), Disney Infinity stuff, Pirate stuff, Power Ranger stuff, Super Hero stuff, weapons (swords, guns, throwing stars), transformers, power rangers, Wii stuff, books, craft stuff, anything based off a movie, DVDs, candy...and on and on and on...

*We did get the best Lego Advent Calendar of all time (for a lego fan). Each day has a new lego set.  AMAZING!


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