Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New Way to Stay Connected

I had a request to add an email sign up to my blog, so that whenever I post you can get an email with a link right in your inbox.

No really...

I got the request!

I mean, I know this is already showing up in a alot of your all's readers, and I always post it to twitter, AND I usually post it to Facebook, but THE MASSES ARE REQUESTING I ADD ANOTHER OPTION!

And by masses, I mean my one friend, Whitney.

So anyway, it's now an option. You can add your email to the subscription list by entering it in that little box on the right, under where it says "Follow By Email".  I am extremely original with my titles.

While you are at it, feel free to click on the "Let's Connect" center and follow Bio Girl in your RSS feed, on Facebook and/or on Twitter.  God forbid you miss one of the THIRTY POSTS I am putting up in November.

Typically this announcement wouldn't be it's own posts, but whatever.  It's NaBloPoMo... this totally counts. See you tomorrow.


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