Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three Days In... I Think I Made a Mistake...

Me, looking back on the Sarah of three days ago, randomly signing up for National Blog Posting Month...

Leading up to November I posted five days in a row.  I think that was my all time high for 2013.  I guess I got cocky and thought "Man, I can do this FOREVER! What's THIRTY MORE DAYS??"

I was over confident...

 Now I am not please with myself...

We are 3 days into November... only 27 more posts to go. It's going to go down hill fast around here...lord only knows what I am going to find to post.



  1. Replies
    1. Oh come on, that cat is HILARIOUS!

  2. Wrong, Charing. Allllllll cats.

  3. Cracking up. Now you're stuck because the person who runs NaBlo READS YOUR BLOG :-)

  4. Bahaha! I FEEL THIS WAY, TOO!