Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Invisible Invisaline

Gah... it's already 5:20pm.  Stupid National Blog Posting Month, stressing me out.  You would think my day off would be the easiest one to write a nice, long, thought provoking blog post.... you would be wrong. It's days like today when cans of Dr. Pepper randomly freeze in my refrigerator requiring a complete emptying and cleaning... (it was awesome).  It's also days like today that result in the acquisition of my long awaited INVISALINE!!  Seriously... how long ago did I get my bottom braces?  (it was in September) And just now, TODAY are my trays here and ready to go for my top teeth.  I took a picture, so you can see how non-visible (aka invisible) they actually are ...
Not bad, right?  The orthodontist acted like I was a little vain wanting invisaline on the top teeth, but now that I see them (and now that I know there are only ten trays, and I can change them every two weeks)  I am 100% thrilled with the decision.  I AM VAIN AND I AM FINE WITH IT.

Okay, I am out of here.  Gotta roast a chicken.  Wish me luck...

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  1. I had Invisaline too, only both for top and bottom. I work in a job that people see me and talk to me all day long and I'm on the phone a lot as well. I don't think it's vain for anyone to want Invisaline! Why would their office offer it if they are going to be all judgey mcjudger pants?