Sunday, November 10, 2013

Captain Henry Jack

Henry has been really into pirates lately.  I am not sure if it started with Captain Jack Sparrow in his Disney Infinity set, but it has grown exponentially since discovering him.  He now requests people call him Jack instead of Henry. He made this request to his teacher, but Ms Gladys politely declined and continues to call him Henry.  Still, when I picked him up from school the other day she said "Bye Henry!" and all the little kids yelled 'BYE JACK!!!"  So... yeah.

This love of pirates has shown itself on his Christmas list, where he told me he REALLY wants Santa to bring him a big pirate ship.  Santa has been keeping his eye out, and found one at Kohls that he felt would fill the Christmas morning expectations.  In an effort to remind him of what he asked for between now and sitting down with Santa, I asked him this weekend if he still wanted Santa to bring him a toy pirate ship for Christmas.  His answer,

"Um... yeah.  But also a real pirate ship."

Oh.  So, like, when you said "BIG"  you meant 'sail on the ocean' big, not 'takes two hands to carry' big.  I told him the only thing I could.

"Oh sweetie, a real ship wont fit in Santa's bag"