Monday, November 25, 2013

My All Important Review of Catching Fire

You know... SPOILERS.  Consider yourself warned.  

My reaction when someone asks what I thought of Catching Fire

So yeah.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Like, I am trying hard to think of a single book to movie adaptation I have seen that I thought was more accurate to the original story... I am completely drawing a blank.  I truly have to think hard to remember any detail that was left out (Plutarch's watch, Some of the wedding planning details, jumping over the electrified fence... that's all I've got).  But just because it's true to the book doesn't mean it's well made, right?

Right.  I mean it doesn't mean that, but THIS MOVIE WAS INCREDIBLY WELL MADE.  It was damn near perfect. The actors, the locations, the special effects, everything was awesome.  I mean, the movie made me cry.  IT MADE ME CRRRRRY it was so good (Mainly the part with Rue's family, but there a couple other "Is there something in my eye" moments.)  I thought Jennifer Lawrence was as amazing as she always is.  I am embarrassed now that I wasn't happy with her casting originally. Same with Josh Hutcherson actually... I was so wrong... wrong wrong WRONG.   I could not be happier about these two actors.  I like Finnick more than I thought I would, I actually don't have a single casting complaint. But I don't think I have any complaints....

I was going to keep going, listing each character in the movie and tell you I loved them... I was gong to talk about the arena and how perfect I thought it was, and how well the conveyed the brutality of the peacekeepers and the pain in the districts,  but I am realizing I am overusing the words "Awesome, Incredible, and Amazing" in this post... which typically means I am going a little fan girl on you.  So, I will stop here.  Just go see it.  It's Awesome/Incredible/Amazing.

(not to over hype it)



  1. I agree it was awesome! They also left out the part with the bread/biscuits in the arena, and the whole deal about Peeta having a prosthetic leg seems to have escaped them somehow! LOL But it followed pretty close other than those few omissions.

  2. I also thought it was awesome/incredible/amazing. Seriously, I want to go see it again, tonight. My only beef was the way the love triangle was handled. In the book, I think Katniss and Gale only kiss the one time (by the fence, the one that Pres Snow sees), but there was all kinds of kissing between them in the movie. Which would be fine, if it didn't also make it seem like she basically had no feelings for Peeta until they got back to the arena and he almost died. In the book, her feelings were more conflicted. I'm bothered for two reasons, 1) I am a serious Katniss/Peeta fan, so boo for all of the kissing with Gale. and 2) it kind of made her seem...disingenuous at best. a little slutty/fickle at worst. Still, though, I loved it!