Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Pa

*Thank you all for the awesome responses to my post from yesterday!  I am actually going to do a follow up post on it early next week :) Pa has not been feeling well lately...
 Mamaw and Pa's 60th Annivrsary
And deep down I know there isn't a lot to say or do at times like these, but I also feel out of sorts to just blog about normal life and not address that big thing that is happening behind the scenes in our family.
Mamaw and Pa's 60th Annivrsary

And at the same time I feel that this is a familiar struggle for me... how much or how little to talk about someone else that I love when they are ill here on the blog.  Because even those these things effect me, they are the loved one's story to tell.   So I think I will leave it at that... he is ill, and it is hard.  Hard on my Mamaw, hard on my mom, hard on all of us.
Mamaw and Pa's 60th Annivrsary
Prayers are appreciated.

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  1. He looks so much like Henry! Praying for you and your family!