Friday, October 3, 2014

What Mighty Straight Teeth I Have...

Guess who got her braces off yesterday?
(I did)

The entire adult braces experience has been interesting.  And it honestly isn't 100% complete because I have a couple of appointments for things to do with my top teeth, which had the invisalign.  But as of yesterday the actual brackets came off, so I figure that is worth celebrating!

It's funny how much I hated braces as a kid, and how not a big deal they were as an adult.  I remember them being miserable.  This time around they were only miserable in the since of like, I HAVE ADULT BRACES, WOE IS ME.  But they didn't really hurt much, they didn't cause major eating issues, they were... just there.  Still, I am thrilled for them to be done.  Yay for straight teeth!  I can't wait to be finished completely, but already I know I love my new smile, and I will always think of my sweet Missy and be grateful for the gift.

** Also, as a take away life lesson: After having braces as a child, WEAR YOUR FREAKING RETAINER. 


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  1. I'm making my daughter read this! Her and I fight over her retainer ALL the time!!!! Your teeth look amazing