Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Remember that Time We Were In A Wedding...

So this is one of those blog posts that is really more about the long term record keeping/photographic evidence of our life rather than like, up to the minute, humor fill stories.  (Let me believe I am sometimes funny) ( and I stay relatively up to the minute)  I realize that back in June I did a complete blog post on Matt and Blair's amazing wedding.  BUT!  The professional pictures were just posted and I don't know if you remember this or not, but Nick, Henry and I were all part of the wedding party.  This means we were all three cleaned up and looking presentable in the presence of a photographer!  Such things are required by blogging law to be documented to the fullest extend possible.  So...
Ta-da!  Don't we look becoming.
The bearer of the rings with his Lego ring box
My handsome husband.
And I will even post a picture of myself... because RECORD KEEPING!

And me with the sweet bride
My boys

Post ceremony celebrations with the groom
And then there was the reception...

Which had a photo booth...
Which is giving me a lot of laughs this morning!
You look a little terrifying there, H...

And here are a couple of Matt and Blair.  Because I love them.  And like, it was actually their day and what not...

The wedding party

The sweet couple
Thanks for having us be part of your day.  We adored every second of it.

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