Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Other Things... Mainly All T-Ball All the Time

Let's talk about other things...

So when Nick and I started talking about a fall sport for Henry I said I figured he would play soccer again.  Nick gave me a very Nick like look and said "Really?  Do you REMEMBER last year?? I don't really think soccer is his thing..."  To which I was like , "But it's great! And he can play with Cici and I am SURE he will turn into a soccer star and there will be no more tears and bribing him with trips to the toy store to get him to run onto the field!!" Nick replied by ignoring me entirely, turning to Henry and saying "Would you rather play soccer or tball in the fall?"  Without a moment's hesitation he picked tball.  I figured it was a good call once I thought about it, because beyond the fact that tball is more his speed, fall tball is supposibly much more laid back than spring, and with the start of kindergarten it seemed like a good idea to pick something easy.  Laid back.  Casual.
Turns out the "laid back season" has a rather intense schedule of on average 5 days a week with either a practice or a game.  Five days.  Out of every seven.
 That's right.  But they don't turn on the score board or provide them with hats or pants, so laid back!  Plus it's only a five week season.
We only have to give our life over to the game for one month.  I guess that's sorta laid back, right? (No.  It isn't)
He is really enjoying it though, and we are on a great team with a great coach, so I think it's a win.  An overwhelming, exhausting, nearly every night of the week win, but a win.
When we played in the spring it was only 4 year olds, but in the fall 4-6 year olds play together.  I will say some of these 6 year olds look like they could go pro any minute.  One kid slides into every base, which is adorable.  One kid can actually throw from third to first and hit the other kids glove.  IT IS IMPRESSIVE.
As for Henry, he is still learning, and may not be at the all star level just yet, but he did play pitcher in the last game and managed to scoop up the ball and throw a kid out at first.  I mean, the kid was little and I think he took off for 3rd before being rerouted to first, but STILL.  HENRY GOT HIM OUT.
So maybe he is an all star after all...

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