Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keeping Up

So things feel a little crazy lately.   August felt busy... it really did. It felt like we were juggling absolutely the maximum amount of things we could handle. 
August Calendar

Then September rolled around and we have added tball and the class I am assisting with teaching to the mix.  It's all a little overwhelming. (green is tball, dark blue is class)
September Calendar... SO FAR

I was about to say I wasn't showing you my calendar so you would feel sorry for me, but that's a lie.  It's okay to feel a little sorry for me.  I mean, it's madness!  And it isn't like my regular work day is on that calendar.  Working is just a given.  So is sleeping, eating, helping with homework, taking care of Ellie, cooking and cleaning by the way.  Not all of those things are successfully getting done right now, but what can you do?  The house looks like a bomb went off and we are not even pretending like we are going to cook on the majority of these days, but beyond that I think we are keeping our head about water.

But just so you know, if the number of posts seem to decrease throughout the month of September, don't worry.  Fall t-ball is over October 5th and then our lives might return to our version of normal.  That is, until the holidays begin.


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  1. Isn't that how life goes? When it gets busy it gets really busy. Hang in there, slower days are ahead at least for awhile!!!