Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Kindergarten Field Trip: The Apple Orchard

So a couple of weeks ago we got a letter sent home that said it was time for the very first Kindergarten field trip. I thought back to my days in kindergarten and recalled going on exactly ONE field trip (FARM!), so I thought "I MUST CHAPERONE!  IT'S MY ONLY CHANCE!" and also my precious baby will need me with him on his first bus trip.

Later we were told that parents can't ride the bus and apparently kindergartener's take around one field trip per month the entire school year.  This month was the Apple Orchard, and next month is the Pumpkin Patch.  It's merely a technicality that this apple orchard also contained a pumpkin patch... just don't go over there yet.

So, good to know.  I will have PLENTY of opportunities to chaperone...
I made them take a picture by the pumpkins... I am ruining next month's field trip already
Enjoying the non-hay covered "hay ride" through the apple orchard. 
There WAS a large Hay-Fort thing they could play in, but it sorta terrified me and I was pretty sure one of the kids I was in charge of was going to fall off and break an arm (IT WAS TALL! AND TERRIFYING!)  (HELICOPTER PARENTING IS SAFE PARENTING!) so I suggested we return to the gigantic slide.
And to jumping on the giant air filled pillow of joy.  ( I don't know what this possibly has to do with Apple Orcharding, but it was a HIT)

And of course, mountain climbing.

Oh, and these things. 

There was also like, an apple orchard lesson where they talked about bees and showed the kids how they make cider, plus a petting zoo, but I was too busy trying not to let a kid get bit by a llama or lost during the tour to take pictures during those moments. The entire day I only lost one of my kids for like, five minutes, so I consider that WINNING AT CHAPERONING!

I will see you next month, Pumpkin Patch.  I hope you have a giant pillow of joy.  I want to get try it out.

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