Monday, September 1, 2014

Nicole and Chris get Married!

This weekend held an epic family event...Uncle Chris and Aunt Nicole got married!

 picture borrowed from Nicole's Facebook page because it is AMAZING!

The wedding was in a planetarium, which I have never heard of but was so incredibly beautiful and unique, just like them.
Love these two so much!
With it being a wedding full of our family I didn't seem to have the time to take many pictures, which is very sad for me.  (Not many is 75, which is truly NOT MANY for MEEEE) This is the ONLY picture with me in it, and I think I have one other of Henry... photo taking fail.
 I do think I managed to get all of the really important WEDDING stuff... like the first dance
Sweet speeches about first meetings and fate
The cutting of the amazing light up cake
And at this family shot which gives me so much joy!  There was MUCH more dancing and fun to be had, but I was too busy enjoying the day to stop and document it.  I did snap some pictures of those closest to us before joining in the party.
Candice and Lucas, all dressed up and looking nice

Nanny and Grandpa, putting up with my ten attempts to take a picture of them!

Grandaddy, Aunt Jill and Great Grandma.  So glad Aunt Jill was able to come in from Florida!
Nieem hanging out with the moon Chris made.  Chris said "Nicole said she wanted the moon... so I made it for her."  LOVE!
Grandaddy and GrandVal

Table decorations
The South Carolina crew came in for the big event of course.  Matt and Blair...
Kelsey and Thomas...
Aunt Brenda and  Uncle Wayne
Boo, Chris and Cici
Someone passed out...
Just love this one
Victoria and Ethan... Ethan's dancing was a BIG hit out on the dance floor!
More decorations made by Nicole's mom.  So great!
As the night wrapped up,  they released a wish lantern into the sky...
So amazing
We love you guys so much!  Congratulations!!!

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