Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bio Girl is Evolving (again)

I am currently at work and do not have access to my pictures, so I am pushing back the post on sharing them from my DC trip (again). I will get them up eventually!  For now, I wanted to share a video with you.  I am not sure of where this blog is going.  It is hard to find the time to write, and I worried that I had lost the desire to talk in this space.  But what I think I am realizing is that maybe I am just not used to talking on here about what is currently important to me.  While I of course love sharing stories from our family life, I no longer talk about infertility and talk very little of my grief over losing Missy.  Those things have such large places in my heart, but I feel talked out in those areas. Yet they have filled this space for so long, I wasn't entirely sure how to switch gears (again).  Yet my drive for writing, my need to get words on digital paper so they are out of my head, has to be centered on what I am passionate about.

What I am truly passionate about right this minute is my work.  And the idea of sharing those thoughts with you, how I feel about my research on how early childhood experiences influence that child's future, or about violence on college campuses and what we can do to stop it, or about teaching and general public health ideas... that is where my head is when it isn't at home with Nick and  Henry.  And so I am going to test the waters on talking about those things a little more around here.  It may happen, or this may be the only post on the topic.  Time will tell.  And there will always be Henry, Nick, and family posts with pictures and funny stories.  But since the start of this blog over eight years ago there has always been something more than that worked in, and it has sometimes had to evolve to follow who I am in that moment. So I am trying to evolve this space. Again.

Now, a video!  Not of Henry.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear Dr. Nadine Burke Harris speak at the Future's Without Violence conference I attended this past weekend.  She was amazing, and her research and practice are perfectly in line with my main areas of interest in public health research.  The ACEs measurement she discusses is something I am currently using, so it was exciting to hear her talk about something I am so passionate about.  I believe anyone who interacts with children should take the fifteen minutes to watch this video.  It is worth it.



  1. Wow, that talk was really quite surprising for those of us who don't know about the research and data... but what a powerful talk and call to action! No wonder you are so passionate about your work. I'm really quite excited about the prospect of you sharing more about it on here :)

  2. Excellent video. Very informative. I taught in this field and did not know about this. I find it extremely interesting. Thanks for posting.

  3. I would love to read more about all those topics! (Especially early childhood experiences.) It's nice to read about informative topics without feeling like you are reading a research paper. It makes it much more relate-able and share-able.