Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sick Child of Mine

So yesterday was Career Day at Henry's school.  They were all supposed to dress up like the job they want when they grow up and parents were going to come in and talk to them about the different jobs they have.  Henry was going to dress exactly like his Papa (khaki's and a polo) because he wants to work at UK in Engineering...not just be an engineer, but work at UK with students in his Papa's lab and do research EXACTLY what Nick does.  Alas, Nick had to teach class during career day so I had signed up to talk about my job, which Henry thought was pretty awesome. They wanted some people representing the STEM professions and I was actually sorta excited to tell them about the different jobs I have had over the years. I made a power point presentation and everything... it was all going to be great!


Thursday in the middle of the night I heard Henry sorta cough and choke and I was like "What was that??"  And then I realized he threw up. And I was literally like WHAT. THE. HELL?!  He was perfectly normal when we went to bed!  PERFECTLY NORMAL.

Now is a good time to remind you that Henry has been really sick twice this year prior to this event.  Once on the day of the Halloween Party, for which I was also supposed to volunteer, and once during the Valentines Day party.  SERIOUSLY?!  Like, they don't have THAT many cool days at school, and he is missing ALL of them!  And not that it is at all about me, but I keep signing up to help, and then backing out.  The school is going to ban me!

But I look at him after "the event" and he seems fine.  He says he feels fine and goes right back to sleep.  No more issues.  So I start to think what all parents think in moments like this... "Maybe he just got choked and threw up.  I mean.. that has NEVER happened before, but there is a first time, right?  Or maybe it was drainage.  YES!  DRAINAGE!  And now he is fine.  Just a random fluke.  This is nothing.  NOTHING!"

(We as parents do this because the alternate thought it too awful.  That this is just the beginning.  That this is going to be SO BAD.)

My first thought, the blissful denial one, was actually supported on Friday morning as Henry woke up and said he felt fine.  PERFECT!  He ate dry cereal and played video games. I even felt a little bad for letting him stay home with me for the hour before the start of Career Day.  Clearly this kid should be in school. 

"See!  He is totally fine!"  Nick and I said to each other.   DRAINAGE! These things DO happen!

And then, he was not fine.  Not fine AT ALL.  We will skip the details as nobody cares, but about fifteen minutes before we were about to walk out the door he declared himself EXTREMELY NOT FINE. 

Career Day was canceled, we would stay home.  Typically when he gets bugs like this they run their course quickly, but man, the bug was a beast.  Seriously, he was SO SO SICK.  Fever of 103, could not keep anything down all day, pale, weak, pitiful. It's now 24 hours later and we see a light at the end of the tunnel.  He is doing okay.  Not great, but better.  He has eaten a little and that's a start.

So we are home for the weekend.  Recovering.  Maybe I will give my Career Day power point pretension to Henry so he can at least see one presentation... or I guess we can just save it for next year.


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  1. So sorry to hear this!! Oscar was sick last weekend and I got it the night before a job interview... I am still stuck at my parents 2 days later as feeling too ill to brave the train journey home! We do exactly the same thing as you do when it starts, fall into denial as the alternative is not pleasant! Sorry Henry missed yet another cool day at school though :(