Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Favorite Color

Today was Wear Your Favorite Color Head to Toe Day at school.  (If you are curious, Henry's school is celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday and each day has a theme.)  Henry had said he wanted to do blue, which has recently been working it's way in as a contender for favorite color, so we figured he could wear jeans and a blue shirt and be done!  But this morning he mentioned he did still really love red, which has historically been his favorite.  I pulled together an all red outfit and an all blue outfit and let him pick. Here is what he went with.

 The problem was, with little planning the red pants were limited. I wasn't sure about it, but he thought the outfit was great.  I figured everyone would be dressed in odd clothes in order to get their favorite color as represented as possible, so whatever. 

Then we got to school drop off and... I must admit not that many people seemed to go all in quite in the same was as us.  Or, more accurately, NOBODY seemed to have gone all in, but my sample was small... I saw maybe ten kids walking in.  I saw a couple kids walking in wearing all black, but I can't say for that was due to favorite could have been an outfit.  Not much to be done about it at that point, so I wished him a very Red day, he laughed and headed for the front door.  A teacher told him his outfit was awesome as he walked in and he seemed please. I am excited for his report when he gets home to see if anyone else took the favorite color day quite as literally as we did.

Go big or go home, right?

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